While we were betting and time to time we were losing money, we found our self buying betting predictions from some social media users. They shared everyday their own winning tickets and we believed in that, so we invest some of our money on buying those tips, but like everyone we were tricked by those social media users and in the end we lost our bet and also our investment.
Than we started to make analysis, we read more sport news and more about players, their mood, their last performance, we were close to winning, but always it was one game who ruined our tickets. Then we invested more time on analysis and we gathered information about past games, games head to head, number of scored goals and in the end it was successful.
We started winning money from betting. Then we thought about our first invest on betting prediction and we listed ourself as one of hounded users who were tricked.
We opened alphabet the way for helping people chose carefully the way they are betting.
Everyday we share our idea based on our analysis and if you chose carefully the betting tips you have 75% winning chances.

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